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we're really bad at scrabble


Some favorites from SXSW

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Concert photography is a tough endeavor — low light, lots of getting jostled, etc. But shooting at SXSW was enormously fun. Here are a few favorites.

White Shoes & the Couples Company
White Shoes & the Couples Company

White Shoes & the Couples Company

White Shoes & the Couples Company

The Submarines
The Submarines

Bon Iver
Bon Iver

Bon Iver

Tilly and the Wall
Tilly and the Wall

Ice Cube
Ice Cube show

Ice Cube show

Interview with Ice Cube at SXSW

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Earlier today I shot an interview that Mark Trammell did with Ice Cube. I used a 16-35mm lens on a Canon 5D. The interview was in a hallway behind the South by Southwest panelist green room (read: challenging lighting conditions).

Trammell interviews Ice Cube

Trammell interviews Ice Cube

Trammell interviews Ice Cube

Trammell interviews Ice Cube

Pillow fight in San Francisco

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Last Thursday witnessed the annual city-wide pillow fight in downtown San Francisco. Shooting conditions were challenging at best due to low light and lots of movement.

pillow fight

pillow fight

pillow fight

Back to the East Coast

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Photos from a trip to Boston and New York in February, 2008

Tom and Laura in Lincoln
Tom and Laura

Jen in Harvard Square

Silona in NYC

Sculptures at the DeCordova
tree sharks



DeCordova sculpture

San Francisco by helicopter

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Interesting views of the city, as seen from mid-helicopter. Full set at flickr.com.

tourist photos

Golden Gate

Bella the German Shepherd

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Photos of the new puppy (Canon 20D, Canon f4 70-200mm IS L lens)

When taking photos of a high-energy puppy, I recommend enlisting a sister to chase it around the yard until it’s tired enough to sit still for more than a couple seconds.





Santarchy SF 2007

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Some favorite shots from Santacon. (Canon EOS 20D, mostly with 10-20mm lens.)

Santa klezmer band


Jimmy taking a picture of Mark

Secret Service elves



Wikipedia, Creative Commons, and Karaoke

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Jimmy Wales and Heather Ford hosted an official “Heather and Jimmy 50 Party Club party” in San Francisco this past Friday, at which Jimmy and Larry Lessig announced that Wikipedia content would henceforth be licensed under Creative Commons. This was followed later by a celebratory karaoke performance of “I’ve Got You, Babe” which was one for the ages.

Jimmy Wales announcing new Creative Commons licensing
JImbo Wales

Jimbo Wales

First donation of the night for iCommons
First donation of the night

Cute girls despite Slashdot’s filing the event as from the i’m-betting-it-was-kind-of-a-dorky-party dept.

Taking their bows at the end of the performance of “I’ve Got You, Babe”
Jimbo and Larry sing karaoke -

See also:

Breaking news: Wikipedia announces Creative Commons compatibility!

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Wikipedia to be Licensed Under Creative Commons

Zittrain speaks on The Future of the Internet

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The ever-ebullient Jonathan Zittrain spoke at an EFF-sponsored event at the CNET offices last night, entertaining the packed room with elucidating anecdotes about North Korean radios, Cap’n Crunch whistles, and more, and even included an inspiring take on the humble robots.txt file.

My favorite line, in reference to a particularly onerous Facebook app: “the number of times I’ve been bitten by a vampire is equal to more than the number of times I would have wanted to have been bitten by a vampire.”

Zittrain speaks at EFF

Zittrain speaks at EFF

Zittrain speaks at EFF