juliemelton.com, now minty fresh

My paltry little homepage, juliemelton.com, sorely needed some redesignin’. I also wanted to re-think why I needed a “homepage” (very old and zestless term) at all. In the end, the new page is very much like the previous one, albeit snazzier, but I did some brainstorming to get back to that same place.

I thought about all the metaphors of personal homepages: scrapbook, journal, media relations center, etc. The one that made the most sense for me was that of homepage as calling card (in the non-phonecard sense). Essentially, I wanted a place to put some basic and edited information about me so that I would have a reasonable place to send people who wanted to know some topline things about me such as how to get in touch. And that’s it. I didn’t feel the need to plaster up a personal manifesto. My simple little site was thus (re)conceived.

Katie Golus for the photo
squidfingers.com for the little decorative images
Ryan Thrash for the best CSS rounded corner hack I’ve seen

~ by linoleumjet on November 11, 2006.

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