La Rentrée

Another quiet summer in Boston is at an end. The students are back. (That means no easily found parking spaces, for one thing.) Kids are hauling giant suitcases up the escalators of the Harvard Square T station, the sidewalks are packed with groups of first years finding their way around, and roads are full of double-parked UHauls.

It’s not only students clogging up the system. I’ve heard anecdotally that 70% of leases in Boston start on September 1, causing the locals to play an elaborate game of musical chairs at this time of year. When everyone moves at the same time, hilarity ensues. At least all of the relocating means that the streets are awash with delightful things that couldn’t fit in the moving truck. (A friend found an almost new microwave and bookshelf yesterday, while I picked up a fabulous orange coatrack.)

~ by linoleumjet on August 31, 2006.

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