How to thank survey responders

As a rule I help out fellow web citizens by responding to redesign or usability survey requests. (I know that I’ve benefited from user feedback over the years, and I’m happy to reciprocate.) The folks sent this very nice note as a thank you to survey participants; I think this is a great model of how to thank users for their time.

Dear MBTA Rider,

Thanks for taking the redesign survey. Your opinions and advice will help guide us as we redesign a site to better meet your needs.

T riders had some great ideas for improving the site and we’re already at work to bring your suggestions to life–designing and developing a new site, packed with helpful, easy-to-use features including:

* Dynamic mapping
* Custom/Personalized Rider Tools
* Cutting-edge ‘Alerts’ to push critical transit updates via email and mobile devices
* Powerful, easy-to-use, Trip Planning tools
* Mobile device downloads for handy access to maps and schedules
* Simple and clear “Charlie” content to educate users about the new fare system

Many riders expressed interest to participate in future site redesign surveys or customer focus groups. This is great news because customer feedback is critical to our success. In the future, we may contact you again to provide your insights, opinions and customer perspective.

Thanks again for helping out. We look forward to launching the new site–a simple, powerful website, that makes users happy.

Best regards,
The Design Team

~ by linoleumjet on August 15, 2006.

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