Boston from the air (and MIT vs. Harvard from this vantage point)

Just added to flickr: some photos from a recent aerial meandering through the Boston area. I realized later that the Harvard campus looked much less interesting from the air than MIT. I commented on this to a friend, who responded: “Yes, but which one is more interesting from the ground?” Perhaps MIT should think more about the aesthetic needs of their visitors/students and less about those of girls in helicopters?

~ by linoleumjet on January 2, 2006.

One Response to “Boston from the air (and MIT vs. Harvard from this vantage point)”

  1. Miss JM — these shots are wonderful. I saved a few for myself :)

    How the hell are you? I miss you. Ross has been giving me updates from his weekend in Boston and I will see him this weekend.

    Lets catch up soon!

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